I’m a creative and work-driven graphic designer who enjoys all stages of a project. I’m also passionate about creating new design concepts, and continuously redefining what design means and fusing it with principles, artistry, and purpose.

To submit means to give to the mission of a project. As a designer, I give 100% to solving a problem and always seek to answer the questions, requests, deliverables, and creativity that guarantee the success of a finished product.

In the world of landscape architecture design, 100% Submission represents a 100% complete design based on the requirements. It is to be viewed as the maximum amount of information to be presented during the final design development. The submission is intended to be all-inclusive. The designers should use their best judgment in including additional information to support the design at each phase.

100% Submission includes questioning, exploring, creating, innovating. It also comprises design inspiration from life and various creative fields, and passions that explore new ways of problem-solving. 100% Submission involves a strictness and attentiveness to detail, cause and effect, thoroughness and completion.

“I give 100%, 100% of the time.” — Mia Liu


Feel free to reach out to me via email if you want to talk for details. I’m currently looking for a full-time position as a Graphic Designer. Look forward to connecting with you.




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